Movie Theater Injuries: 4 Factors That May Impact Your Case

14 January 2016
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Attending a movie theater is a great experience where you can enjoy new movies and digital events. When an injury occurs at a movie theater, though, there are many elements that go into your personal injury case. By establishing the timeline of events and factors that caused the injury, you can help build evidence and get a possible settlement. As you work with a personal injury attorney, it's important to cover the following four factors and how they relate to your case. It can help prove the cause of the injury and give a lot of supporting evidence for the case.

Theater Cleaning

After a movie showing, it's not uncommon to find spilled drinks, popcorn, and other debris left on seats and rows. Between showings, these spots should be properly cleaned and taken care of to avoid any hazards. When an area of the theater is ignored, the spilled foods and drinks can create a hazard for new movie guests. As your injury case moves forward, an attorney may seek cleaning logs, employee interviews, and any video evidence of a dirty theater.

If the theater was not properly cleaned, then the theater could be responsible for negligence. Along with a look at your specific incident, an attorney can look into any other reported cases of injuries in the theater. This can help show further cases of negligence and improper cleaning of theater aisles.

Lighting Issues

When a movie is being shown, theaters are naturally dark so the screens can have the best visuals and contrast. This makes it harder to navigate aisles and stairs. To help combat this problem, many movie theaters implement a lighting system that points out aisles, stairs, and walking paths. If those lights are malfunctioning, then it could make it hard to see and become the cause of a slip-and-fall injury.

During your case an attorney will attempt to identify when lighting issues occurred and if they were part of the cause for your injury. Along with lights that are completely out, blinking lights, flashing lights, or otherwise malfunctioning lights could make you disoriented and cause the injury. Simple movie theater maintenance could have prevented the problem and your injury.

Furniture & Movie Accessories

When you go to watch a movie, here are multiple seating options. A lot of theaters rely on flip-down seats to save space and make it easy to walk through aisles. When these seats are broken or not working properly, they can snap and cause you to become injured. When this happens, an attorney will often examine the seats for evidence of faulty equipment. This can help set up further proof that your injury was preventable if the theater was properly maintained.

A number of theaters may also use special seats that malfunction. For example, a lot of theaters have installed motion seats known as D-Boxes. These seats move and rotate to coordinate with the movie's action. If the seat malfunctions, then the movements could end up injuring you. It's important to look at these potential problems and other movie accessories like 3D glasses that could cause an injury.

Food Injuries

A big part of going to the movies is enjoying some food with the film. In some cases, the food preparation could be the cause of an injury. For example, you may have consumed burnt popcorn that chipped teeth or caused other dental damage. Nacho cheese could have been served too hot and burned your face or body. When a food injury does occur, it's important to be as detailed as possible in your case report. This can help build up evidence and prove whether or not the theater was safely preparing food. An attorney can help guide you through your personal testimony and list of injuries.

In most cases, the movies are an enjoyable experience. Getting injured shouldn't be a part of the process, and that's why it's important to consult with lawyers about your injuries soon after they occurred. Speak with a representative from a firm like Burke Schultz Harman & Jenkinson Attorneys at Law.