Dangerous Social Media Apps: Did A Distracted Driver Cause Your Catastrophic Car Accident?

2 May 2016
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In recent news, a disturbing trend is on the rise. A number of drivers use special apps to record how fast they drive on the road. The drivers also use the apps to take selfies or snapshots of their experience, which they share with other social media users right away. Some of the distracted drivers become so focused on their apps and selfies that they don't see see the vehicles in front or to the side of them. The end results in car crashes that can be potentially life-threatening to innocent drivers. If another driver caused your catastrophic car accident because they used a social media app while driving, contact a car crash attorney for help. To obtain compensation for your injuries, here's an auto accident attorney may help you.

Obtain Evidence of the At-Fault Driver's Carelessness on the Road

One of the things a car accident attorney may do is obtain records of the at-fault driver's social media pages to see if the person has a habit of sharing everything they do. Although it doesn't apply to everyone, some individuals tend to overshare things with their followers, friends and family, including information about the restaurants they visit and even the personal data about other people. The speed and selfie app may just be a new method of oversharing for the at-fault driver.

Unlike online selfies and webcam pictures, snapshots and conversations on these apps generally only allow users to view them for about 10 seconds before they disappear. Because of this factor, the at-fault driver may think that an attorney can't pursue a case against them without any type of visual or digital evidence. However, that may not be completely true. The lost snapshots may be hidden somewhere on the other driver's phone or the phones of their recipients.

An attorney may ask personal injury court for legal rights to secure the at-fault driver's cell phone as evidence. 

Pursue Compensation From the At-Fault Driver

Although many people may not know this, it's possible to retrieve snapshots from an electronic device through other methods and digital forensics. Digital forensics is often used to bring justice against cyber thieves and other types of criminals that prey on consumers through the Internet. The technique may also be used to obtain data hidden in programs, disks and other parts of a electronic device, such as cell phone and tablet.

In addition, the at-fault driver may have inadvertently helped an attorney secure your case. If the driver took multiple selfies with the speed app the day of your accident and sent the images to different recipients, there may be additional evidence for an attorney to use in your case. Some of the recipients may have saved the images in their computers through screenshots before they disappeared. Screenshots record the entire image of a computer screen or parts of a computer screen using codes or special keys. Users may paste copies of the screenshots on their own social media pages or save them on a computer file.

Once a car accident lawyer receives the evidence, they may submit it to the other driver's insurance company. You should understand that this step of your case may take longer to get through. While it doesn't apply to all insurance companies, some may attempt to pay as little as possible to accident victims. The insurer may also argue that the at-fault driver didn't cause the accident in question. The lawyer may need to pursue your case in court if this problem occurs.

For more details about your possible case or the dangers of social media on the road, contact a car accident attorney, such as those at The Jaklitsch Law Group.