Four Important Facts You Should Know About Work Injury Claims

29 January 2018
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All employers must have a workers compensation program in order to protect their employees. In the event that an employee is hurt, they have a right to peruse their legal right to compensation. As an employee, you will want to know about this because in the event you are injured, you will want to know how to proceed. Here are four important facts you should note:

  1. Attorneys Work on Contingency: Most of the time, your work injury attorney is going to work on a contingency basis. If you are injured at work, but are worried about pursuing a case because of the cost of hiring an attorney, the contingency basis is going to help you. This means you can hire an attorney and they do not get paid until your case is won. What most people don't know is that in the event you lose your case, you owe nothing, so financial worry shouldn't be a huge concern in these situations. 
  2. Don't Need to Prove Fault: Many times, people will not want to pursue a work injury claim because they believe it will take up too much time trying to prove fault or they feel that they were partially at fault and therefore their case will not be won. However, this is not the case since most states consider work injury claims as a grounds for no-fault laws. The only reason you could be denied compensation is if it's found you are committing fraud, you were under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or you were breaking the law. 
  3. ​High Penalties for Fraud: Speaking of committing fraud, there are extremely high penalties for this even more s than breaking the law (depending on the circumstances) and being under the influence. You could possibly face jail time and/or extremely high penalty fines. 
  4. The Timing is Important: Finally, you must know that your claim needs to be filed right away. There is a time limit on how long you have to file before the claim is denied outright because you've waited too long. This time limit is going to depend on the laws in the state you are in, as well as the severity of the injury you have suffered. For example, if you were in a coma as a result of the injury, then the time limit is a bit more lenient. 

These are just four important facts you should know about work injury claims. If you believe you have a case on your hands, it's best to meet for a free consultation with a work injury attorney to discuss the specifics of your case.