4 Common Long-Term Health Costs Associated With Car Accidents

15 March 2019
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Car accident injuries are usually not resolved by a single trip to the doctor's office. Many car accident injuries require extended care. If you were involved in a car accident, you need to make sure your settlement offer takes care of not only your current health costs incurred so far, but the health costs you will face later as well. Some common future medical costs include things such as prescription medication, psychological care, physical therapy and rehabilitation, and the cost of medical equipment costs.

#1 Prescription Medication

One of the common long-term medical costs after an accident are prescription medications. If you suffered any cuts or abrasions, you may have antibiotics you have to take. If you suffered an injury that caused you pain, you may have to take pain medication. Many individuals suffer from chronic pain after car accidents, which can require medication over a long period to manage.

#2 Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

Another common medical expense is physical therapy and rehabilitation. Physical therapy and rehabilitation is not a process that can be rushed. It is a process that takes time and is something that one may have to go back to over time to address progress recovering from an injury.

Beyond the actual cost of physical therapy, if you have an injury serious enough to warrant physical therapy, the impact of the injury may have a negative impact on your life. You may not be able to go to work or engage in all the activities that you once enjoyed. Those are things that you should be compensated for as well.

#3 Psychological Care

Next, being in a serious accident can have impacts beyond the physical. Being in a serious accident can impact your mental health as well. Accident victims sometimes develop post-traumatic stress disorder, and others may develop a fear of driving or being in a vehicle. These conditions are directly related to your accident, and your mental health care should be covered in your settlement as well.

#4 Medical Equipment

Finally, it is common to have to buy your own medical equipment to use after an accident. If you suffered an accident that permanently changed your physical abilities, making modifications to your vehicle and home can be expensive and should be covered by your settlement.

Before accepting a settlement offer related to your medical care following a vehicular accident, you need to be sure your medical care is all wrapped up. If you think or know that you have ongoing medical expenses, enlist the assistance of an auto accident attorney to help you figure out what type of settlement you should be offered and to help you make sure that you get that type of settlement.