Getting Help To Recover Damages After An Accident Or Injury

5 August 2019
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When you are hurt in an accident or injured as a result of negligence, you may have a case to receive damages and a settlement that will help pay your medical bills and compensate you for many different things. You might have to hire a lawyer to get started, but what should you look for in a lawyer?

Get a Consultation

The first step in hiring a lawyer is finding one that you can work with, and that has experience working on cases like yours. Schedule an appointment for a consultation and go in and talk to the lawyer about your case. Most personal injury lawyers with meet with you once for free to discuss the potential for your case. If they do not think you will be able to win your case, they will let you know at that meeting, but in most cases, they will want to look into the details of the incident before they make a determination.

Don't Hide Details

When you are talking with the lawyer, make sure you tell them whatever they need to know. If they take on your case, they are bound to confidentiality, so anything you disclose stays between you and them so you don't have to worry about them telling someone something that you feel could get yours into trouble. If you had a beer or smoked marijuana before the accident, they need to hear that from you, not from an investigator several weeks into the case. 

Discuss the Cost

Some people are intimidated by the situation and are afraid to ask about the cost of the lawyer's fees or if they will take your case on a contingency. You have to know if you can afford the lawyer so talk to them about the financial end of it early in the conversation. Many times, an accident or injury lawyer will take the case and take payment from your settlement, not from you directly.

Not only does it make t easier for you, but they are often more motivated to win the case if they know they are not getting paid if the loose. If they are willing to take the case but want payment upfront, you may want to check with another lawyer and see what they think. The attorney asking for payment upfront could be an indication that they don't know if they can win the case or not. 

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