Important Questions To Ask Your Personal Injury Lawyer

20 July 2021
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Getting your rightful compensation after a car accident can be difficult. That's because every person involved in the accident may hire a lawyer to prove that they aren't liable for the accident. Therefore, hiring a personal injury lawyer may be a good idea as well. Personal injury lawyers have a vast understanding of the law and can help you negotiate a decent settlement or represent you in court if the case proceeds to trial. However, finding a reliable law firm isn't always easy. Thus, asking potential personal injury attorneys these questions before hiring them can help your hire the right law firm.

What's the contingency fee rate?

Ideally, personal injury attorneys offer services following a contingency fee contract. That means that you only pay the legal fees if your personal injury lawyers manage to get monetary benefits for your injuries. The fee rate is about 25% to 40% of the compensation, but the rate may vary across law firms. Ensure that you check a law firm's background and qualifications to ensure that they are legit and can offer quality services.

Will there be advanced case-related costs if you lose the personal injury lawsuit?

In addition to the contingency fees, some personal injury lawyers will charge you for extra case-related expenses they incur. The common costs that the attorneys may advance entail medical records retrieval charges, documents filing fees, and professional witness charges. Ideally, many personal injury attorneys stipulate that these additional charges aren't your responsibility if you lose the case. However, ask this question regardless so that you plan your finances. Additionally, understand all the payment terms before signing any agreements.

Will the case proceed to trial, and what's the lawyer's success rate for court cases?

Sometimes, your personal injury attorney may manage to negotiate and settle your case outside court. However, this may not happen in some instances, and you may go to trial. Hence, you need personal injury attorneys that can win the case before a judge or jury. Your attorney should collect as much evidence as possible and prepare a strong defense to win your case. Additionally, inquire about your personal injury law firm's success rate with related court cases. Ideally, hiring personal injury lawyers with a high success rate increases your chances of winning your court case.

Asking the above questions can assist you determine the personal injury attorneys that are best suited to handle your case.