Car Accident Injury Lawyers: 2 Services They Provide In A Car Accident Claim

20 April 2022
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If you are not responsible for causing a car accident, the other motorist is liable to compensate you for the damages and injuries incurred. You can file a personal injury claim with the at-fault party's insurance company. Nonetheless, dealing with an insurance company can be a challenge. 

If you are not conversant with the insurance claim procedures, you might not receive any compensation or the settlement amount you are asking for. Consider hiring a car accident lawyer to assist you in filing the claims. 

Here are two services a car accident injury lawyer can provide when filing a car accident claim. 

1. Gathering Evidence to Prove Liability

For an insurance company to honor your claim, you must prove that the other motorist caused the accident. You have to prove that the at-fault party is liable to compensate you for the injuries and damages incurred. 

If you are hospitalized after the accident, you won't be in a position to carry out the evidence gathering. But, you can hire a car accident lawyer to assist you in gathering the evidence. Car accident lawyers get paid after you receive the insurance settlement. Hence, you don't have to pay the car accident lawyer anything until the insurance claim settles. 

To prove liability, the car accident lawyer will collect different pieces of evidence such as: 

  • The police report of the accident
  • Traffic camera footage of the accident
  • Eye witness accounts of the accident

When the evidence proves that the other motorist is liable, the lawyer can proceed with filing the insurance claim. 

2. Filling a Comprehensive Insurance Claim

When filing an insurance claim, you must include a comprehensive list of damages. Most people filing a personal injury claim after an accident fail to include key damages. As a result, they don't receive full compensation. 

Your claim should also include evidence of the damages to ensure that the insurance company doesn't try to exclude some claims. Car accident lawyers have experience filling insurance claims and dealing with insurance companies. A car accident lawyer can file a well-detailed insurance claim that includes the damages due for compensation. 

A car accident lawyer can also attach valid pieces of evidence in the claim to prove the damages. Examples of evidence used to prove damages include:

  • Medical reports
  • Medical bills 
  • Post-discharge receipts for medication, therapy, and specialized treatments 

Your car accident lawyer can also include damages such as loss of income due to hospitalization. The lawyer includes the physical, financial, and psychological damages incurred in the claim.