Types Of Truck Collisions That Cause The Most Serious Damage And Injuries And How To Get Justice For Your Losses

25 August 2022
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Most truck collisions happen because motorists are not careful when driving. However, there are other causes, including mechanical failure, improper loading, and driver fatigue. These issues cause fatal collisions that leave truckers, other drivers, and road users nursing severe injuries. Below are some truck crashes that cause the most serious damage and injuries and how to get justice for your losses.

Rear-End Collisions

Rear-end collisions could be catastrophic even if the trucker was driving at a low speed. The situation can be more severe if a big rig rides over a vehicle or when the accident causes a chain reaction collision. In these cases, the crash may cause severe wreckage and serious bodily harm to vehicle occupants. They are supposed to get compensation for the injuries, especially if the trucker was impaired or inattentive. You can also sue a trucker who was driving too closely and hit your car from behind after failing to stop properly. In each of these situations, consider hiring a truck accident lawyer to identify the wrongdoers and take legal against them. They might include the trucker, the manufacturing company, and the trucking firm.  

Rollover Accidents  

Rollover accidents are also hazardous and can involve several vehicles, especially if a big rig overturns on the road. These crashes mostly happen when truckers fail to properly adjust speed when navigating a corner or a sharp bend. They also occur when truck drivers make errors, lose concentration because of fatigue, or fall asleep. The risk of overturning is usually higher when a big rig is overloaded or when goods are not properly secured. In this case, cargo shifts to one side, making it challenging for the truck driver to steer the semi.

How to Get Justice after a Collision

A successful compensation process starts with identifying the main culprits in your case. The best way to do this is by conducting a thorough investigation and gathering compelling evidence. Your legal advisor can hire investigators to review the collision to determine what happened. They will also get witness statements and photographs of the accident scene and damages to your vehicle. In addition, they will obtain the trucker's logbook, enabling your lawyer to determine the number of hours the trucker had been driving. These pieces of evidence will help your legal advisor hold the wrongdoers accountable for your injuries and damages.

If you suffer bodily harm in any truck collision, your top priority should be getting legal help. A truck injury attorney will evaluate your case; determine liability and the types of damages you should pursue. They will then negotiate on your behalf or litigate your case to ensure that you get a payment equivalent to your losses.