Why You Need a Car Accident Attorney, Even for a One-Car Accident

4 October 2023
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You've had a one-car accident and you're thinking, "It's my fault, so why hire a lawyer?" Here's why: it's not always your fault. Road conditions, vehicle malfunctions, and other factors can play a part. An experienced car accident attorney possesses the expertise to conduct thorough investigations and uncover evidence that may prove you are not at fault after all. 

Dealing with Insurance Isn't Easy

You might think dealing with your insurance company will be a breeze. But here's the truth: insurance companies aren't always on your side. They're businesses looking to minimize payouts. An attorney knows how to negotiate with them, ensuring you get the compensation you deserve.

You Might Not Know the Full Extent of Your Damages

Right after an accident, you're probably thinking about your car's damage. But what about medical bills? Lost wages? Pain and suffering? An experienced attorney knows to consider all potential damages, not just the obvious ones.

Lawyers possess the expertise to evaluate and determine a just settlement agreement accurately.

Calculating a fair settlement isn't as easy as adding up your bills. You need to factor in future medical expenses, the impact on your earning ability, and non-economic damages like pain and suffering. An attorney has the skills and experience to calculate a fair settlement accurately.

Legal Procedures Can Be Complicated

Filing an insurance claim or lawsuit involves a lot of paperwork and strict deadlines. If you're not familiar with the process, it's easy to make mistakes that could cost you. A car accident attorney handles the legal procedures and ensures everything's done correctly and on time.

Don't Go It Alone

Even in the case of a solo car accident, it is advisable not to handle the situation alone. By seeking the expertise of a car accident attorney, you can safeguard yourself from unjust blame, secure a just settlement, and navigate the intricate legal procedures with ease. So, don't wait. Get an attorney on your side and protect your rights.

Just because it's a one-car accident doesn't mean it's simple or that you're at fault. There are many factors at play, and a car accident attorney can help navigate those complexities. They'll deal with insurance companies, calculate a fair settlement, handle legal procedures, and ensure you're not unfairly blamed. Therefore, regardless of whether it is a single-car collision, engaging the services of a car accident attorney is the most advantageous course of action one can take.

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