Know Before You Go: The Personal Injury Deposition

25 April 2018
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Part of seeking justice for your auto accident injury is to attend a deposition. This meeting is part of the discovery process, which takes place before you go to court. The purpose of the deposition is information gathering by both sides, and it serves an important purpose in pretrial preparation. Read on to learn more about what your part will be in this event. The purpose of the deposition Along with interrogatories and documents requests, discovery gets vital information about the case into the hands of both parties and is meant to create a more even playing field for all participants. Read More 

When Can You Sue An Employer When Their Employee Causes A Car Accident?

10 April 2018
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You have probably heard that you can sue an employer for damages if you are injured in a car accident caused by their employee. This is partly true because it only applies in a few select situations. In most cases, you may be required to prove that: The Employee Was On the Job The first thing is to determine whether the employee was on the clock or not. This because no employer is responsible for that their employees may do during the employee's free time. Read More 

3 Tips To Keep In Mind Before Making A Wrongful Death Claim

6 March 2018
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If someone close to you passes away and you believe it happened because of someone else's negligence, that can really add even more emotion to your grief. Luckily, today's court system provides a method by which you can try and set things right. You won't be able to bring your loved one back but you can enact a form of justice by filing a wrongful death suit. Before you go forward though, take a step back and make sure you are prepared for what lies ahead. Read More 

Four Important Facts You Should Know About Work Injury Claims

29 January 2018
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All employers must have a workers compensation program in order to protect their employees. In the event that an employee is hurt, they have a right to peruse their legal right to compensation. As an employee, you will want to know about this because in the event you are injured, you will want to know how to proceed. Here are four important facts you should note: ‚ÄčAttorneys Work on Contingency: Most of the time, your work injury attorney is going to work on a contingency basis. Read More 

Protect Your Financial Situation During Workers Compensation

16 December 2017
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Being injured on the job involves a lot of legal and administrative work that should be automated. Unfortunately, there are a few situations where your paperwork may not process properly, or when procedures aren't being followed. Assume nothing; consider these situations and make sure to have a backup plan for when the system doesn't kick into action properly, including your long-term financial prospects and your short-term needs. What Does Workers Comp Cover? Read More